Call Of The Night Anime All Detail

An anime adaptation of Kotoyama's vampire romance manga Call of the Night is in the works, with a July 2022 release date planned.

The anime adaptation received a brief teaser trailer that showcases some of the animation style as well as the tone and music to be expected from the series.

For Liden Films, Tomoyuki Itamura is directing the anime adaptation of Call of the Night, with Tetsuya Miyanishi serving as chief director.

The texts will be written by Michiko Yokote, the characters will be designed by Haruka Sagawa, and the opening song, "Call of the Night," will be performed by Creepy Nuts.

"One sleepless night, Ko slips out to stroll the streets," says Viz Media, who has officially licenced Call of the Night's manga for its English language edition.

After dark, life is a revelation! Ko is ecstatic when flirty Nazuna invites him to spend the night at her abandoned building.

Netflix is collaborating with Sanrio on a new series! While Aggretsuko continues to break down in heavy metal, the time has come for Gudetama to take centre stage.

Netflix and Sanrio both announced that a Gudetama TV series is in the works through Twitter. Gudetama: An Eggcellent Adventure, the show's title, is set to premiere in 2022.

The TV show will be a hybrid of CG animation and live-action footage. The show's trailer shows part of this, since it begins with live-action eggs.

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