Dimension W Anime All Details

All bounds of possibility can be broken and fashioned into anything your imagination chooses in the world of science fiction.

Yuji Iwahara accomplishes this by bringing us on a journey that appears exciting at first but left you scratching your brain by the conclusion, but it all makes sense.

The scientific community has accomplished an incredible breakthrough. A dimension exists in addition to the traditional X, Y, and Z dimensions.

Kyouma Mabuchi is a collector who goes around removing counterfeit (illegal) coils from people who don't want to be linked to or tracked by New Tesla Energy.

During one of his collection missions, he encounters Mira, a humanoid robot who eventually joins Kyouma as a collector.

The development of all of the characters in Dimension W felt rushed to me, as it's difficult to balance story, action, and character development over the course of 12 episodes.

Kyouma Mabuchi - He's a coil collector who despises coils, as described in the tale part. He was in love with Miyabi, a girl who needed surgery to save her life.

Mira Yurizaki - Professor Shidou Yurizaki designed her as a robot. Shidou was a former co-founder of New Tesla Energy who vanished after his wife and daughter died.

Mary - She has the appearance of an underworld boss. You've seen these types before... the obese, opulent woman who appears to be from high society.

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