Everything You Need To Know About Kourtney Kardashian

Before she was a famous reality star, Kourtney considered becoming a lawyer like her dad. She even apply to law school, but ultimately decided not to attend.

In addition to co-founding Dash with her sisters, Kourtney started a children's clothing boutique with Kris called Smooch. And we thought Target's kids clothes were chic.

Even famous people get nervous in front of crowds. It turns out that Kourtney failed two college classes because she was terrified of public speaking.

It's weird to think of the star of a reality show having her own favorite guilty TV indulgences, but Kourtney loves watching Oxygen's Snapped and Nancy Grace. It must be nice watching other women's drama for a change!

Despite her poised and polished persona on TV, Kourtney used to be more accident-prone than we would have thought. When she was 5, Kourtney fell off her swing set and broke her collarbone.

Kourtney has a bachelor's degree in theater arts and Hispanic studies from the University of Arizona, where she was classmates with Kim's pal Nicole Richie.

Surprisingly, this Kardashian sister got her start in show business behind the camera. Kourt worked as a movie production assistant. According to Kourtney, "I had to yell 'cut' and 'rolling' all day."

Kourtney suffers from a bad case of arachnophobia. As she explained, "I have a major fear of spiders and didn't go into my bathroom once for two months because I saw one there."

Not only was Kourtney a Brownie, but her mom was her troop leader! Just imagining Kris Jenner trying to manage a pack of hyper little girls is more entertaining than some episodes of KUWTK.

Kourtney participated in the reality show Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive in 2005. While on the show, she "killed, skinned, cooked and ate a rattlesnake on a cattle drive." That must be how Kourt keeps her figure so trim!